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almost 3 years ago
CLOSED: This map consultation has concluded

A vision for mental health, suicide prevention and alcohol and other drug treatment services in North Brisbane and Moreton Bay is shaping up, thanks to the input of stakeholders like you.

The vision will form part of the regional plan being developed by Brisbane North PHN together with Metro North Hospital and Health Service.


In March over 70 stakeholders, including people with a lived experience, helped develop a vision for a quality, coordinated and integrated mental health, suicide prevention and alcohol and other drug treatment response in our community. A set of features were developed and actions suggested to move us from where we are now to where we want to be.

You now have the opportunity to provide feedback on the features and help further develop and prioritise actions.

Regional plan

Due to be released in October 2017, the Regional plan will set out a five year vision for the mental health, suicide prevention and alcohol and other drugs treatment service systems, along with detailed action plans for the next two years. Developed jointly by Brisbane North PHN and Metro North Hospital and Health Service, in conjunction with people with a lived experience, consumers, carers and service providers, the plan will provide an agreed blueprint for service and system development in the coming years.

While still in development, the plan will likely include a number of sections including:

  • needs and context – overview of current health needs in North Brisbane and Moreton Bay, the current service response and the policy environment

  • system features and actions – our shared vision and the actions that will enable us to achieve it (the focus of this consultation paper)

  • lived experience participation – opportunities and support for people with a lived experience to participate policy, planning, delivery and evaluation

  • services planning statement – projected health need and required service response and priorities for service investment

  • performance indicators – how we will know if things are getting better

  • chapters – focus areas including: staying healthy and early intervention, children and young people, psychological services, people with severe mental illness, suicide prevention, alcohol and other drugs treatment, crisis services, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities

Details regarding the vision, features and suggested actions is available in the consultation paper.

You can have your say, by completing our online survey, emailing your response to, or providing written comment on our consultation forum.

Deadline for written comments and the online survey is 9am Wednesday 14th June.

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