Stepped care

almost 2 years ago
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PHNs are tasked with helping reform the mental health system through the implementation of a stepped care approach.  Brisbane North PHN has produced a short video and consultation paper to explain our approach to stepped care to date and to get your input.

You are invited to have your say by either providing written comment below or completing the online survey.

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  • Nicola BRISTED over 2 years ago
    Wondering about those too ill to present, or who are not aware of their behaviour, and who don't have family support? Involuntary treatment under the Mental Health Act excludes personality disorders (in my recent experience), they're not deemed mental illnesses (this is at the PA - is it different on the North side or is this Qld policy?
  • sanderkt over 2 years ago
    Well done! There are two comments - all quadrants of the circle ideally should include family and friends, currently it appears as though they are only involved during a crisis. Also, the message of "individual choice" in dial up dial down is good in theory, but in practice is more likely a collaborative decision between consumer, family and service provider, because definitions of mild vs. severe for the consumer/family are subjective, whilst for the service provider need to be rationalised to manage resources.